ACRYLITE® Building Products

Define your vision with ACRYLITE®

As a world leader in acrylic technology, Evonik, the maker of ACRYLITE®, has leveraged over 40 years of industry experience to create the most advanced line of uncompromising high-impact acrylic building products on the market to the world’s greenhouse, interior design and architectural construction communities. ACRYLITE® products have been used extensively in the design and construction of award-winning research facilities, commercial greenhouses, museums, libraries, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, outdoor leisure spaces, retail facilities and private residences across the globe.

Key features that make ACRYLITE® High Impact Acrylic Sheets a favoured product of designers, architects and commercial greenhouse growers alike include:

  • Incredible ability to transmit light
  • Energy savings capabilities that can reduce costs by up to 55 per cent
  • Exceptional weatherability
  • High impact resistance
  • Ease of customization and fabrication
  • Low structural weight

Highly adaptable and stylish, ACRYLITE®’s light transmitting panels are available in translucent or transparent options with a broad range of tints and surface textures. In addition, ACRYLITE® offers a range of transparent rods and tubes that are optically brilliant, lightweight, easily formed and extremely impact and weather resistant that are quickly becoming the material of choice for designers looking for innovative lighting solutions..

Whether your project is structural or decorative, indoors or out, on the ground or overhead, curved or straight, there is an ACRYLITE® product that will communicate your unique design vision and improve your bottom line. Discover the difference of ACRYLITE® innovation.